Flight Training

Imagine, if you will, the ultimate flight school. The “Top Gun” of civilian flight training where you receive high quality instruction while helping a child to achieve their dream of becoming a pilot.

Learn to Fly
We have brought together all of the best elements in flight training to provide you with the most thrilling, rewarding, and complete aviation experience possible. We think the combination of seasoned professional instructors, well maintained equipment, a wide variety of aircraft, state of the art facilities, and a staff that is focused on providing excellent customer service is the right one for unparalleled satisfaction.

High Quality Flight Training
Our facilities boast all the amenities of a world class flight training school, combining technology and functionality. We have:
-A computer flight simulator room using Microsoft Flight Simulator
-Ground School Center
-Preflight briefing areas
-7,000 square foot hangar

Our Location
Aero Squad is based at Compton Woodley Airport, 961 West Alondra Blvd., Compton, CA, 90220. Click here for directions Aero Squad is a FAA part 61 flight school operated by Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum. Compton Woodley Airport is an uncontrolled airport with two 3,800 foot runways. With no control towers means pilots do not have to wait for clearance and can fly in any weather without delay. You spend your lesson flying, not waiting.

This airport is less than a five minute flight to airports with control towers so you can practice ATC work if and when you want, or just continue to fly in uncontrolled airspace.

The Los Angeles basin has the perfect weather pattern and offers great flying conditions year-round. Hotels and other accommodations are within a short driving distance to our location and Southern California beaches and tourist attractions such as Disneyland, Universal Studios, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Getty Center, are all nearby. We offer complimentary airport pickup from LAX and residential guide/counselors are available for foreign students to help with housing placement and culture acclimation.

Customize Your Own Program
Your training program is customizable. You have the choice of one-on-one ground school, a ground school class, or even learning online. Whether your goal is simply to enjoy flying as a hobby or to pursue a career as a professional pilot, we have a comprehensive training program flexible enough to train you for any license you are seeking. You can schedule your lessons whenever you like and adjust the length of the lessons to fit your budget.

Financing Available
We are partnered with Utah Valley University (UVU) where you can enroll in online courses in their  Professional Collegiate Program. Enroll online at http://www.uvu.edu/aviation and choose Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum as your flight school of choice. There you can apply for student loans with their financial aid office.

Pilot Finance is another alternative financing company we can connect you to. Although you can go to your bank and apply for a line of credit, most people find that the lowest interest rates come from a second mortgage and you can spread it out over a longer period.

Become A Career Pilot
If you are serious about a career in aviation, we suggest learning more about UVU’s Professional Collegiate Pilot Training Program. This program offers a complete package that includes all flight training, ground training, time building, college credits, a degree, and even job placement as either a certified flight instructor, or on a commuter airline.

Many of the major airlines require a college degree and with a degree from UVU, you can expect to command a higher annual salary. Also, you can get 100% financing, including academic loans, and if you’re a veteran, you can use your G.I. Bill education benefits  to cover the cost of your training.

Once you’ve earned certification, we are a great place to rent an airplane to build hours.

How to Start Your Journey
Contact us to schedule your first lesson with a FAA Certified Flight Instructor. You must provide proof of citizenship. If you are an alien or non-U.S. citizen seeking flight training, you must register for the Alien Flight Student Program.