The Tuskegee Airmen Learning Center & the Good News Room


The Tuskegee Airmen Learning Center was originally an exhibit of images and memorabilia donated by Tuskegee Airmen Los Angeles Chapter. The center was renovated during the MLK Jr. Day of Service with L.A. Worksand hundreds of volunteers in 2000.

More recently, the Good News Foundation added a Good News Room that has transformed a community. The addition to our After School Program of state-of-the-art touch screen computers and software in our Good News Room have been instrumental in helping the adults in the community apply for jobs, create/enhance resumes, and participate in webinars. So many youth and parents have been able to reenter the work force.
The children in our programs have used them to improve grades and performance in school. One child in particular was constantly getting in trouble and expelled from here. He would then get in trouble with the law and school officials. Once we got the Good News Room up and running Jamal did 5 hours of homework every day and started participating in sports in school. He has not gotten expelled or in trouble at school since the addition of the Good News Room.  It has allowed him to change his attitude and afforded him the ability to express his intelligence and potential. We have many stories of how the Good News Room has literally saved our youth’s lives.
Other educational activities that we have been able to implement in the Good News Room include the Kerbal Space Program, Kids College, Stride Academy, X-Plane and Fly-to-Learn curriculum.Children are like film, The Good News Room gives them exposure and we have seen beautiful things develop. 

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