SOLAR FOR THE 99%:  Homeowners Program

Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum (TAM) has partnered with American Solar Power and Solar Verified to make easier and less expensive than ever for you to get solar installed, and a portion of the proceeds goes to fund TAM’s mission to help low and middle income students pursue their dreams in aviation and astronomy. This program is available to any homeowner that lives in Southern California Edison’s service area.


How it Works – Everybody wins!

This program works by creating a benefit both you and TAM by putting the entire process online and enabling you to get below-market pricing on high quality solar and/or battery storage equipment.


Fast and Accurate Sizing for Maximum Savings

Unlike the typical process for getting solar, we do everything online. To do this accurately and be able to offer our Savings Guarantee, we start by collecting your last 12 months of usage from SCE, broken out hour-by-hour. We then calculate the least amount of solar needed reduce your SCE bill to the minimum $10/month — for as long as possible. If you increase your usage after getting solar – no problem. Your SCE bill will go up slightly to reflect that increased usage.

What You’ll Receive by Email

After we receive your data, you’ll get an email that will give you details about your customized proposal and how much you are guaranteed to save each year.

Get Started Here – Never an Obligation – No sales Calls – Your Info is Never Shared or Sold

Aren’t you curious to find out how much you can save with solar? Upload your SCE bill to find out.  Or, just send us a picture of the first page of your SCE bill to 805-267-9583.


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American Solar Power CLSB# 941232