Golf, Aviation, and STEM!

HSF putting
by Program Director and VISTA Supervisor Myra Petgrave

TAM’s High School Fundamentals of Aviation class sponsored by California Community Foundation Preparing Achievers for Tomorrow recently took a field trip to the Chester Washington Golf Course as part of the 10-week curriculum. The outings incorporate the role of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in both the playing of the game as well as the hundreds of employment fields within the industry.

The field trip was run by Jorge Badel, Senior Golf Director using the ‘self concept” methodology of teaching in the program. This allowed the student to see theory played out in real life. The forces that make a ball go up, down left and right are the same aerodynamic forces that make a plane fly. Badel also serves as an adult advisor for TAM’s Aviation Explorer Post 409.

“I met with the kids last night and they are still ecstatic about being exposed to golf. One kid will be taking a train and then bus to Chester Washington to hit some balls today. Another young lady expressed her gratitude for the wonderful staff at Chester Washington and that she was “very grateful to those who donated the food”. That comment left me teary eyed,” said Badel.

The food and field trip was made possible by American Golf Corporation, Chester Washington Golf Course and the County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation. TAM would like to thank Jorge, Chris, Angie, Jack Glant and all staff at the course. Angie had excellent control over the programmatic portion of the class and Jack gave a great show and tell on golf course maintenance as well as addressing opportunities in the filed of Agronomy (Science).

These outings are small victory for the game of golf, but a huge victory for the community in that we have exposed kids to STEM opportunities beyond the aviation and aerospace industries.

Chester Washington Golf Course field trip



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