Go-Kart World

Silly Faces!

Go Kart World… a place of friends, food & fun.  Fast fun.  Really fast fun!

But who would think that Go Kart World could also be a place of STEM learning?  When we took our Aviation Explorers to Go Kart World, not only did they get to race each other on the tracks, they were able to learn and experience first hand how physics plays into their playtime.  The slick course taught them how friction, or lack there of, can affect your tires’ ability to turn the vehicle.  Racing quickly around sharp corners showed them the importance of speed and turning ability in a vehicle and how it can make or break your finish time.  Not to mention, the hard lesson of force multiplied by speed multiplied by the opposing force of the standing wall of a go kart track!

Somewhat of a group photo!

Over all, our Explorers, VISTAs, Executive Director and Programs Director had a great time on their Spring Break field trip!

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