Science and technology, especially in the areas of aeronautics and aerospace, naturally excite the curiosities of youth. At a minimum, our after-school programs provide our students with an outlet to explore those curiosities in a cooperative, positive, and safe atmosphere. However, we also provide them with an opportunity to go further if they want.

Consisting of two core program components – Aviation Explorers Post 409 and Fly to Success STEM Academy – the goals of the after-school programs are to:

  • Develop positive youth attitudes toward education Improve academic performance in school by providing academic support in the form of tutoring and homework assistance
  • Improve college readiness (e.g. obtaining high school diploma, improve SAT test-taking skills) by coaching students and introducing them to guest speakers from relevant professional fields
  • Promote parent support of their children’s education by providing opportunities for them to be involved with the program
  • Develop positive character traits and leadership qualities by setting high expectations and through mentoring
  • Provide a viable pathway toward a career in the aviation or aerospace industry through flight and engineering training
  • Instill a lifelong interest in STEM, including electing a STEM major in college